Scott Stoklosar, M.Sc., P.Biol.

Senior Fisheries Biologist

Scott completed a B.Sc. in ‘Biology’ and a M.Sc. in ‘Watershed Ecosystems’ at Trent University (Ontario). Scott is a senior fisheries biologist with Palliser Environmental Services Ltd. and has over 25 years of professional and fisheries research experience. Relevant experience includes field sampling, data analysis, impact assessment and report writing for aquatic studies conducted for the municipal development, transportation and oil and gas sectors.

Scott has worked on over 250 fisheries projects across western and northern Canada, Ontario and the United States. Scott has monitored water crossings during construction as well as conducted post-construction monitoring and assessment. He has completed fisheries assessments and impact assessment reports for organizations such as TransCanada Pipelines, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, Inter Pipeline Fund, Synenco Energy Inc., Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation and Husky Energy. Scott is familiar with provincial and federal regulations related to aquatic issues and environmental assessment (e.g., Water Act, Fisheries Act, Canadian Navigable Waters Act and Species at Risk Act) and regularly liaises with regulatory agencies (e.g., Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Alberta Environment and Parks) to obtain permits and approvals for construction and development.

Scott is interested in the enhancement and compensation of fish habitat, where improvements to fish habitat are achieved by such techniques as instream structures, riparian improvements and bank stabilization. As part of several Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), he has completed literature reviews on the general and site-specific ecology of fish species, the effects of acidification on freshwater biota, effects of sediment on fish, and the effects of thermal discharges on fish populations.
SELECT Publications/Research:

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SELECT Publications/Research:

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Guiding Principle

Palliser Environmental’s success is guided by the integration of three fundamental values



Guiding Principle

Palliser Environmental’s success is guided by the integration of three fundamental values